The Northern Ireland Complex Disease Bioresource (NICDB) and GLAD study for Northern Ireland were officially launched 25th February at the Titanic Centre, Belfast. This is an exciting research project launched by Ulster University and funded by HSC-R&D.

Leading GLAD in Northern Ireland, Professor Cherie Armour, Director of the Institute of Mental Health Sciences and Associate Dean Research & Impact in the Faculty of Life and Health Sciences at Ulster University commented:

This UK-wide study into the genetic links to anxiety and depression has the potential to truly transform our understanding and treatment of two common mental health conditions. Mental health is a key research priority at Ulster University; through our Institute of Mental Health Sciences we are taking a holistic approach to mental health research, exploring all aspects from gene to gym.

The GLAD project is the world’s largest ever study on anxiety and depression and the collection of this data source, essentially ‘big data’ from 40,000 people, will help us discover how genes and environment act together resulting in these conditions as well as helping us to develop and provide evidence based, effective treatment options for those experiencing them.